When it comes to healthcare news there never seems to be a lack of stories regarding hospital conditions and hygiene. The reason that hospital conditions stir such a big reaction is that they are often linked with viruses and infections that can be fatal to patients. A recent news story from Ireland shows just how important it is for hospital standards to be kept as high as possible. When health inspectors visited a hospital in Co Donegal they found it in astonishingly poor condition which posed a large threat to patient’s health. Read the full story by clicking the headline below.

Hospital’s dirty baths threatened newborns’ health


DIRTY baby baths threatening newborns’ health were among a catalogue of neglect posing a significant risk to patients at a major hospital, a damning report has revealed.

Health inspectors criticised lax management at Letterkenny General Hospital in Co Donegal for failing to lock rooms where chemicals, painkillers and other strong medications and syringes were stored.

They found fire hazards, rusty baby-weighing scales, mould, dust and debris during an unannounced visit to the surgical, medical and maternity wards of the 318-bed hospital.

The Health Information and Quality Authority - the Republic’s health watchdog - said that although there was some evidence of good practice on the wards, overall they were “unclean”.


Source: http://www.irishnews.com/


In other news, the NHS is under even more criticism as the Health Secretary has stated that 11 people died last year as a result of being given the wrong medication. It comes amidst criticism that information is not passed freely enough between departments in the NHS. Read the full story below


Lack of communication across NHS is “completely shocking”, says Health Secretary


The lack of communication across the NHS is “completely shocking”, the Health Secretary said yesterday as he disclosed that 11 people died last year after being given the wrong medication.

Highlighting the benefits of sharing data across the health service, Jeremy Hunt said that most NHS users would be ”astonished” that their information does not regularly pass between GPs and hospitals.


Mr Hunt said that none of the big challenges facing the NHS can be resolved unless the health service becomes ”more ambitious and enlightened” about sharing information.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/

There’s no doubt that these stories show just how important it is for healthcare to be made a top priority of governments. Whether it’s poor hospital conditions or lack of communication, there is no excuse for such problems in the modern world. Good health is vitally important to everyone so it’s essential that stories such as these are brought to the public’s attention. Keep checking back here for the latest health news.