There’s no doubt that the recession has put a tremendous strain on health services such as the NHS. Rarely does a day go by when there isn’t a news story about cutbacks or complaints relating to the NHS. Often the complaining regarding the NHS is coming from within the organisation itself as it evidenced by a recent news story in The Express. NHS chiefs have criticised GPs for being too inflexible when it comes to dealing with patients. You can red the full story by clicking the headline.

NHS chiefs slam ‘too rigid’ GPs


They are calling on family ­doctors to be more flexible and focus on patient needs rather than making them prioritise their health worries.

Although each practice is free to run its appointment policy as it sees fit, NHS ­England is working alongside professional bodies to encourage doctors to take more time with patients and assess them properly.

To help that, as revealed by the Sunday Express last November, the health service is looking to introduce telephone and online consultations for more trivial complaints.

That would free up surgeries and allow doctors to deal with serious problems in more than the recommended 10 minutes.




In other news from Bristol, mental health services for adults are having to be reformed after it’s been decided that they’re not up to the job. Read the full story below.


Bristol mental health services out to tender


Adult mental health services in Bristol are being put out to tender.

Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) made the decision following complaints from staff and patients within the NHS.

Iain Tully, chief executive of Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership, which currently runs the service, admitted it had not been up to the job.

He said he felt services had been more focused on hitting national targets than local needs.

The deal is worth about £40m and the new services will be implemented in the autumn of 2014.




As the financial situation improves it’s hoped that more resources will be put into the NHS to improve the service it offers. Too many news stories are coming out about failures within the service which only further fuel the growing discontent. Be sure to keep checking back here for the latest health news.