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Private Medical Insurance Explained

Getting private medical insurance is something that an ever increasing number of people in the UK are doing. There are many reasons for this but one of the main ones is the deterioration of the NHS. Long waiting lists and a general sense of a below-par service is driving more and more people to take private medical insurance out. When you or a member of your family needs medical care you want to know that they’ll receive the best possible attention. You also want to know that should an extended stay in hospital be required, the conditions will be clean and comfortable.

By seeking out private medical insurance from a specialist provider you’ll be able to have the peace of mind that should you need medical care you’ll receive it quickly and efficiently. There are many private medical insurance providers in the UK who are able to offer a highly professional service to those who take out cover with them. By completing the quote form on this site, you can get tailored insurance quotes from them. This allows you to make this best decision possible on your private medical insurance.

Benefits of Private Medical Insurance

There are many benefits of getting private medical insurance from a specialists providers. Some of them include –

  • Cover for you and your family - Getting private medical insurance means that you can get the best treatment, not only for yourself but also for your family. Knowing that should anything happen to the ones you love they’ll be given excellent treatment gives you great peace of mind.
  • A highly professional service - When you get private medical insurance you can be sure that you’ll get the highest level of service and that no compromises will be made when it comes to your care.
  • Luxuries such as your own room and TV - A big part of the reason that people take out private medical insurance is so that they’ll have their own room if they need to get treatment in hospital. Nobody particularly likes the thought of having to spend an extended amount of time in hospital, but if you do then you’ll have your room with a TV to ensure that you recover in the best surroundings that are comfortable and private.
  • Full peace of mind - You can never anticipate when you might become ill or get injured and need treatment. When you have cover in place you don’t have to worry that the treatment you receive will be inadequate.
  • Expert advice - You can get advice from expert advisors about the different types of cover that are available. Speaking to an advisor is a great way to clarify the best type of cover for you and make a much more informed decision.
  • Flexible payment options - When you take out a policy you have the choice to pay either by card or by direct debit. Setting up a policy is very quick and simple and you’ll be covered as soon as payment has been made.

Factors That Impact Price

The cost of private medical insurance is not fixed and instead depends on a number of key factors. Below are some of the biggest things that affect price.

  • Lifestyle - Your current lifestyle will affect cost. Things like smoking, inactivity and obesity all greatly increase the risk of you needing to receive treatment. Therefore those who are a healthy weight and free of harmful habits will pay less than someone who’s obese and smokes everyday.
  • Age - Age is another big factor that’s taken into account. As we age, the likelihood of developing illnesses that need extend treatment increases. Therefore people in older age brackets will pay more for their insurance. Of course other factors will be taken into account too. There are many middle-aged people in better shape than those in their 20s so insurance providers don’t just look at age when calculating cost.
  • Existing conditions - Your current health status will also impact the price of your policy. If you have conditions that require treatment and medication then insurance providers will certainly take this into account.
  • Size of policy - Private medical insurance policies vary a lot. Some people have very basic policies that only cover themselves whilst others get a high level of cover for their entire family. More people on the policy and a greater level of cover will result in a higher price.

Keeping Costs Down

If you want to keep the cost of your private medical insurance down as much as possible then below are some excellent steps to take.

  • Pay for your policy annually – Insurance providers always prefer it when you pay them more money upfront. Whilst many people cannot afford to do this, if you can then you stand to save a good deal of money on your policy. Paying annually is one of the most reliable ways to get a discount on your policy and will give you good bargaining power to get the price down as much as possible.
  • Improve your lifestyle - The healthier you are, the less likely you are to require treatment/medication and therefore insurance providers can offer you a lower price for your policy. You should make an effort to get to an ideal weight and also take up regular activity that will keep you in shape. You should also try to kick any unhealthy habits you have such as overeating, smoking and binge drinking.
  • Get quotes from different providers - Getting quotes from different insurance providers is always something you should take the time to do. Getting a lot of quotes will make it much easier to see if you’re getting a good deal or not. Getting quotes is now very quick and easy so it’s never something to neglect.

Get Quotes Quickly & Easily

Getting quotes for private medical insurance is very easy to do. By providing a bit of information about yourself and your healthcare needs you’ll be able to get quotes from the panel of private medical insurance specialists. Getting quotes in this ways saves you a lot of time and effort. Just click the red button below to get started