Health care and health insurance are big issues in every part of the world. The way health issues are dealt with says a lot about a country. The United States has long been a target of criticism when it comes its health care system. Too often citizens in lower income brackets are unable to afford adequate health care. While there are programs in place to cater to those with lower incomes, often they are not provided with enough cover. A recent study from the US confirms this fact as it shows that 46% of US adults did not have adequate health insurance in 2012. You can read the full details of the story by clicking the headline.

46% of U.S. adults lacked adequate health insurance for part of 2012


If you ever wondered whether the health insurance crisis in the United States was really something to worry about, this new study will give you pause. A randomized poll of thousands of Americans revealed that almost half had no insurance or inadequate insurance for at least part of last year.

According to an executive summary of the study, conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International with funding from the Commonwealth Fund:


In news closer to home - hospital chiefs in north Cumbria are planning to cut expenditure on locum doctors in half after spending an astonishing £19m on them in just three years. You can read the full story on the news and star website.



Hospital chiefs in north Cumbria plan to halve expenditure on locum doctors after spending nearly £19m on them in three years.

MPs and union officials say the high rate of spending on temporary doctors – which last year rose to £7.96m – is a legacy of the lingering uncertainty surrounding the trust which runs The Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle and Whitehaven’s West Cumberland Hospital.

Carlisle’s Conservative MP John Stevenson said the planned takeover by Northumbria Healthcare was taking too long, while Copeland Labour MP Jamie Reed described the locum spending as “astonishing”.

The Unison health union says the controversy that had dogged the cash-strapped North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust had made it hard to attract permanent medical staff.




When the recession hit, it was inevitable that public services were going to take a big hit but the impact on health services have left many people in dismay. More and more people are turning to private health insurance since they no longer feel that they can rely on public services. Be sure to keep checking back for the latest in health-related news from around the world.